My Very French Kitchen Table

My Very French Kitchen Table

Photos make my life seem so much more beautiful …and fill my mind with memories that I never knew I had. (Of course, you will be asking, “what are memories?”.. and I’ll get onto that in due course). This is what happened: I awoke this morning and thought to myself, ‘I wish it was warm enough in December to be arsed enough to clear the kitchen table the night before!’ Everything was a mess. Then this photo arrived on my laptop, taken at the crack of dawn, just as the sun was shining down on my, ‘beautiful French kitchen table’. Why hadn’t I seen it like this myself? I sent it to a friend and got a message back asking where I got hold of the Marmite! Life in the Dordogne… where the local supermarche has an aisle especially for the Brits. Overpriced Marmite, but one mustn’t complain when the only alternative here is Vegemite – YUK!


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